Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tips for having a stress-free wedding (3)

Getting married is a joyful thing. However, it also can be a tough case and stressful event. Accidents can possibly happen and get out of your control. Continuing the topic of reducing bride’s stress, here are more using suggestions for you.
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Tip1. Making a schedule for your wedding

Making plans to do things can let your life becomes much easier. Big events, like your wedding, have mountains of things waiting you to deal with. Write down what you need to do daily on a paper. It will help you to start the day much easier.
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Tip2. Having a massage

After a day’s tired and busy work for the wedding preparations, having a massage for you is a pleased thing. Stress can show up as tension and knots in your muscles. A professional massage can help in reducing stress that has accumulated in your body.
photo from VOGUE BRIDES

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