Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Favorite Summer Bridesmaid Dresses

It’s hard to find different dresses for your bridesmaids that still coordinate well. Well, ladies, look no further than these two sweet looks (above and below). Because they come from the same manufacturer and are in the same fabric, you won’t have an issue with one or the other being a “little off.” These dresses are perfecto for a fun, kicky, retro wedding.

We are all so tired of hearing that we “can totally wear this bridesmaid dress again.” So untrue. I know. But…with this cute and casual strapless, it just may stand a chance at being the exception to the rule.

For a slightly more formal summer wedding, this dress is stylish and its silhouette would work well with different wraps and shrugs, for those bridesmaids who want to avoid a strapless look. And the little belt gives everyone’s waist that perfect little cinch of definition.

I Dream of a Morocco Wedding

Being so close to Egypt, and being a source of interesting foodstuffs (such as couscous) and materials, Morocco is brimming with culture. All of this amounts to a destination theme that will give your wedding a memorable edge.

The theme colours and decor items are probably going to be the most obvious ways of setting your Moroccan scene, since they are the first glimpses that your guests get into your special day. Use burnt orange, red, cerise, brown, gold and turquoise in your wedding stationery, decor and wedding dresses.
  • Islam remains a prominent religion in Morocco. So, incorporating some Islam traditions (such as henna painting on your hands and feet) may be fun.
  • As guest favours, give your friends and family popular recipes for Moroccan-style dishes, incense or small, ornate key rings that are reminiscent of Moroccan style.
  • Seat younger guests on colourful beanbags that have been strewn on the floor.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Choose Your Flower Girl Dresses Color

We all know that the color of your flower girls is depend on your wedding theme and the venue, the most important is: it should match with your wedding dress and even should match with your bridesmiad dresses. Here are so many colorful flower girls dresses, find one that is perfect for your wedding.

White Gemstone Beaded Waistband with Bubble Hem Flower Girl Dress

White and Black Bubble Taffeta Flower Girl Dress with Accented Gemstones

Black Trendy Satin with Tulle Embroidery Flower Girl Dress

Green Short Ruched Flower Girl Dress with Satin Bow

Green Mint Ruffled Hem Accent Flower Girl Dress

Pink Petite Flower Embroidered Taffeta Flower Girl Dress

Pink Rhinestone Floral Bodice with Tulle and Satin Skirt

Hot Red Scoop Beaded Bodice Flower Girl Dress

Blue Flower Girls Dresses

Poly Lace Floral Pattern Flower Girl Dress

Princess Embroidered Pick-up Gown with Criss-Crossed Sash

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Choose Your Wedding Dress Trains

The wedding gown is a beauty in itself, but there is something so regal, elegant and dramatic about including a train.
Traditionally, the train is made from the same sort of fabric as the dress, is the same colour, and is worn with a dress that reaches the floor in the front.

However, there are no rules. If you are a creative, modern bride, you may choose to experiment with having this part of your dress in a different colour or textile.

You could have a short dress in front with a floor-length (or even longer) train behind you. Or your train could be made from something completely different – like strings of felt hearts, feathers, lace, pom-poms or ribbons.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How To Choose Your Reception Venue

There are a huge number of wedding venues that can offer you a variety of services already included in their package. But not all offer the same kind of service you are looking for. Knowing which is the best and comes near to your liking can help you achieve your dream wedding.

1. Decide whether you want your wedding ceremony and reception venue to be in one place. Find out if there are any restrictions in case you want your wedding stylist and florist decorate the whole venue. Ask permission first if they will allow you to personalize it.

2. Confirm the number of wedding guest you will be anticipating to be a part of your celebration. This will establish the size of the venue you will be choosing.

3. Among the issues wedding guest do complain about is not having enough parking spaces. Find out if the venue can accommodate your wedding guests with designated parking spaces.

4. Once you have chosen your wedding date and found your preferred reception venue, book ahead of time because most of the popular wedding venues are booked in advance.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Outdoor Country Wedding Theme

Jordan and Justin got married right in their backyard at Justin's farm in Luther, Oklahoma. From the boots and the belt buckles, to the horse, and the line dancin', they went 100% country!  The couple's country roots were everywhere - in the decor and on their feet. It was nothing but good times at this outdoor country wedding!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

2013 Pre-Spring Wedding Dresses Ideas -- Reem Acra

I don’t know much about Reem Acra brand  but their range for Resort/ Pre-Spring 2013 season made me interested. 
Not because I found something really amazing or surprising but because the pieces in the collection seem too similar to the ones created by other designers and fashion houses. 

I suddenly got a idea that his sumptuous red-carpet-ready floor-length gowns (decorated with embroidery and crystals, and Grecian-style gowns in chic shining fabrics with elaborate neck details) also can be the brides dresses.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Girly Wedding Wear Ideas

Whether your wedding is formal or relaxed, indoors or outdoors, you have free reign in dressing your girls in uber feminine gear for the big day.

Weddings are undoubtedly one of a little girl’s favourite things. Not much changes as she grows up, and we all become a little girly when we start dreaming about all things wedding-related.

Most couples have a bridal entourage or a wedding party (comprising groomsmen, bridesmaids, etc…) Make the girls in your party feel ever so feminine and pretty by giving yourself up to the “girliness” of the occasion.