Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bridal Beauty Trend: Pink Lips

The newest way to add a pop of color to your wedding day look? Make like a movie star (Blake! Emma! Cameron!), and swap classic red for bold fuchsia. Punchy new fuchsia shades for lips, cheeks, and nails add a playful dose of big-day color. Brighten up with these expert application tips. Whether you opt to highlight your lips, cheeks, or nails, these hot pinks will guarantee all eyes are on you.

Red carpet regular Emily Blunt gives her lips an extra pop by juxtaposing a fuchsia pout with emerald earrings. A sleek, minimal bun focuses the attention on her pretty visage.
Selena Gomez works her signature look of smokey eyes, bronzed cheeks and nude lips, but uses her nails to add a pop of flirty, feminine color.
The leader of the pink-lips pack, Emma Stone anchors this youthful shade with an oh-so-slightly-visible contrasting lip liner. Pink cheeks and winged eyeliner polish off her look with retro flare.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big Bridal Bouquet Trends for 2013

The wedding flower industry is predicting some exciting bridal bouquet trends for 2013. Here’s a gorgeous glimpse of trending wedding bouquet ideas that really wow us.

Ombre Bouquets:
Another brightly bold and color-rich bridal bouquet idea we love is influenced by the increasingly popular ombre wedding trend. Ombre bridal bouquets are unique with their intensifying shades from light to dark.

Rainbow Bouquets:
We agree that rainbow color palette bridal bouquets are some of the prettiest we’ve ever seen, especially for the bride with bold style.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Unique Wedding Favors

Dessert Bar

Cup or cone? A delicious question that will be worth screaming about (at an appropriate level, of course) as guests are on their way out.

Messages in a Bottle

Just when you thought candy couldn't get any sweeter. Enter personalized hard candy sweets. These old-fashioned goodies can be customized by color, special message, and design. Package in unexpected tubes and top off with a ribbon and tag.

Heart-Shaped Sparklers

Bird seed, bubbles, even rice had their moments...and now it's about celebrating with a little bit of light. Hand out favors at the beginning of the party and invite guests to join you in letting sparks fly.

Romantic Shades

Love may be blind, but if you look close enough you're sure to see hearts. These unique 3D glasses are designed to see hearts when your eyes hit points of light in the dark.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to Plan a Destination Wedding from A to J

Whatever the reason, destination weddings have become increasingly popular for couples of all types -- from those having a first-time wedding to those renewing their vows or getting married for the second time.  I keep hearing "we want to remove ourselves from the modern frenzy and slip into the mindset of a calm, loving weekend," so destination weddings, whether in Colorado or Brazil, can be the perfect choice.

How do I Plan a Destination Wedding?

Whether you are paying for just your own travel or helping to pay for others, I highly advise that you contact airlines going into the locale of choice and negotiate group rates.

Factor in how many guests you want, how much money you'll need for travel and how much money you'll need to start your new life afterwards. Set a realistic price range, one with some wiggle room either way. This will narrow down your choices while "shopping."

Most contracts are standard but never sign something you are unsure about. Make sure that dates, amounts, locations, times, appropriate dress, phone numbers, a detailed listing of the services provided and both parties' signatures are listed on the contract. If you have a lawyer handy it is always good to have the contract looked over.

Dresses typically take about four to six months to arrive, and usually need altering, which can take another month so allow for the time when ordering. Also, I highly suggest you don’t check your dress; take it on the plane with you.

Do not put your registry information on your wedding invitation. This information should go on shower invitations or by word of mouth. If you don't want children at your wedding, simply address the invitation to the parents alone. Do not put the words "No Children" on the invitation. You should always send out thank you notes as soon as possible.

Check with your florist about what flowers are in season during your wedding. You can save a lot of money by choosing seasonal flowers. If the wedding is in a tropical location or one that has lush landscapes, don't spend a lot of money on flowers but rather incorporate what Mother Nature has graciously provided!

Guest List
This is important for destination weddings. Figure out each guest's probable schedule and location. You want to plan your wedding to accommodate your high priority guests.

Planning a group outing that is fun and casual, and definitely host a hospitality suite where the guests can congregate. Wonderful gift baskets or room amenities, which are personalized, are also a very nice touch.

You never know what circumstance could arise to put a damper on your plans. So purchasing insurance is a good way to protect yourself and your investment.

This is a great gift to give your bridesmaids. Find jewelry that will complement their dresses, but will also be something they can wear after the wedding.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to Recycle a Flower Girl Dress

Today, we have to save, we have to be practical. As a mom you expect that flower girl invitations will come one by one. And yes, most of these flower girl dresses will be free, and that is one of the great parts. But always let your creative hand take free will. We try to think of ways where in we could save a penny here and a dollar there, so that recycling and reusing old things have become more common place. With a little bit of sewing skills, and a lot of imagination, you can have a brand new dress. Just a few snips and snaps, dresses for girls transform into a completely different outfit. So next time a wedding invitation comes or a party is happening down the street, nod your head and start thinking of all the flower girl dresses you have.

Attend A Special Occasion.
These lovely dresses can be used at future special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. Dresses with removable sashes or flowers can always get a special new look.

Dress-up is Always a Classic.
Never undervalue the magic and importance of pretend play. Imagination grows brain cells! A flower girl dress can easily become a perfect princess gown or historic gown of heroine past. Travel back in time and create accessories to match your newly reformed flower girl dress as a period piece.

How About a Tea Party?
Little girls love tea parties. In fact, the most popular length for flower girl dresses is "tea length". Flower girl dresses can easily adapt into perfect tea party dresses. All that is needed is a fancy hat to match.Children can decorate wide brim straw hats with flowers and ribbons.

Make It Green.
Modern weddings are often eco-friendly weddings. Previously loved dresses are ideal for green weddings. Pass a dress on to a green bridal party.

Play Dress-Up.
When you're a little girl, you don't need a special occasion or even a tea party to have fun. Children are only limited by their imagination and every child loves to play dress-up. Flower girl dresses turn little girls into little princesses. Wearing ballet slippers with a flowing dress transforms a young lady into a beautiful ballerina. Capture these special moments in photos. Dress-up allows children to have fun while expressing their creativity.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dress Your Baby Bridesmaids as Princess

As we all know, young bridesmiads are about 2-14 years old, I never know a baby also can be a bridesmaid untile I saw those beautiful baby dresses in such amazing colors.

Gorgeous bridesmaid dress with delicate puff sleeves, coloured sash and pretty embroidery. Scattered with co-ordinating butterflies and diamantes for added sparkle.

 I present this seasons prettiest baby bridesmaids dresses whatever your colour scheme.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Strapless Bridesmaids Dresses by Forever Yours

Co-ordinate all your bridesmaids easily with a choice of over 70 colour options for almost every dress style in the Forever Yours bridesmaid dresses collection. And with an eye-popping choice of styles, fabrics and colours to choose from - not to mention mixing and matching - it's true to say that almost anything's possible. Forever Yours is your best choice.

Strapless dress with ruched bodice with rhinestone strip. A-line skirt with ruffle overlay.

Strapless dress with gathered bodice and 1" waistband in a second colour.

Strapless A-line gown with second colour belt at waist. Matching buttons down back of the dress.