Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beach wedding photos, what you should know (3)

Are you excited that you are going to taking wedding photos on your ideal beach? In my latest two posts, I talked about the advantageof beach wedding and what thecouples should know before taking photos

In today’s post, I want to share more tips for you, which is mainly about sun protections. 

What should the couples pay particular attention for beach wedding photos? Usually the sun on the beach is very hot. What’s more, taking photos commonly chose the sunny day. Therefore, the preparations of sun protection need to be considered.

As to the preparations, drinking enough water, using sunscreen lotion and wearing hats, etc are necessary. Suffering from the heat stroke on your wedding trip is not a joyful memory you want to keep.

Further more, I suggest couples avoid choosing the period of the long-lasting hot weather. You can do a little research on the place you want to go, and find out when the weather and temperature of the beach is moderate for tourism and taking photos.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beach wedding photos, what you should know (2)

Having a beach wedding is quiet romantic. Using the camera to record down the happy moments of the bride and groom is necessary and meaningful. Going on with the topic of my last post, today I want to give you some useful tips for taking wedding photos.

What the bride should know before taking wedding pictures:

1.      Remember to wear the strapless bras and they should better be white or cream color.

2.      Manicure your nails and shave your armpits.

3.      Don’t wear any jewelry if they are unnecessary for the shooting.  

4.      Prepare some open buckle clothes during the filming. Clothes with open buckles are convenient for you to change your dresses without ruin your makeup and hair.

What the groom should know:

1.      Prepare a pair of black socks and white socks for your black shoes.

2.      Clean your face and manicure the nails.

3.      Don’t wear dark color underwear. It will make you feel awkward when you wear a white suit.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beach wedding photos, what you should know (1)

Many young couples desire to take their wedding photos on beach. Golden sandy beaches, waves of passion, coupled with people who are surfing, constitute a perfect picture.
photo from

Most of the couples are lack of the experience of take wedding pictures. Therefore, the preparations of beaching wedding photos are necessary.

Today I want to tell you a few things about taking wedding shootings on a beach. When taking the wedding pictures, the groom usually wears a smart suit and the bride always puts on her fancy bridal gown. 

In fact, when taking the beaching wedding photos, the groom can more options of his clothes. According to the style of the couples, the groom can choose the formal suit to match the bride’s wedding dress. Or he can wear causal clothes to match the cute mini gowns of the bride.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The elegance standing posture, the perfect bride B

Fabulous wedding dress and elegant gestures make you the perfect bride! Continue with the topic of standing postures. The bride is the focus of wedding. The gestures and manners of bride cannot be ignore or underestimate.

The gorgeous bridal gown plus the elegance gestures will make a perfect and charming bride. Today I want to share five tips for you.

1. Keep your postures more steady and gentle on your wedding than you usually do.

2. Try to learn the elegant gestures from Super stars.

3. The joy and happiness from the bottom of your heart, when you are with your groom, will make you more adorable.

photo from

4. Pay attention to the way you stand all the time during the wedding, even if there is nobody besides you.

5.      Don’t let little small troubles ruin your good mood. Make yourself being involved in the joyful atmosphere. Remember, it your wedding!

All in all, nature and relax will help your standing posture more charming.
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The elegance standing posture, the perfect bride A

The bride is the focus of wedding. The gestures and manners of bride cannot be ignore or underestimate. The gorgeous bridal gown plus the elegance gestures will make a perfect and charming bride. If you are a bride-to-be, you may need to pay attention to the way you stand.

Proper posture is the vast important one among other manners. This is because the bride usually needs to keep standing for a long time. When you are welcoming your guests, toasting to them, taking photos, etc, you may need to keep your body straight and heads up higher to look beautiful and joyful.
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The key point of the proper standing posture is to keep your back straight, look straight ahead, tighten the stomach and threw out chest.

If you like this topic, I will give you further information about how to stand on your big day in the following posts. 
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hi April!

April has already arrived which means that we are in the most beautiful period of spring. So what are you waiting for? Preparing a short trip with someone you love and embracing the colorful world.

April is perfect for shooting. Couples who are going to get married will want to take pictures to keep this precious experience in their life. Imagine this: you are wearing a fancy wedding dress, and the place you are in is blossoming beautiful and colorful flowers. 

By the way, if you are going to have a outdoor wedding, here are some tips for you. Remember avoiding to choose a piece of heavy bridal gown and purchasing a pair of comfortable wedding shoes. Because you may have to walk for a long time.