Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beach wedding photos, what you should know (2)

Having a beach wedding is quiet romantic. Using the camera to record down the happy moments of the bride and groom is necessary and meaningful. Going on with the topic of my last post, today I want to give you some useful tips for taking wedding photos.

What the bride should know before taking wedding pictures:

1.      Remember to wear the strapless bras and they should better be white or cream color.

2.      Manicure your nails and shave your armpits.

3.      Don’t wear any jewelry if they are unnecessary for the shooting.  

4.      Prepare some open buckle clothes during the filming. Clothes with open buckles are convenient for you to change your dresses without ruin your makeup and hair.

What the groom should know:

1.      Prepare a pair of black socks and white socks for your black shoes.

2.      Clean your face and manicure the nails.

3.      Don’t wear dark color underwear. It will make you feel awkward when you wear a white suit.

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