Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beach wedding photos, what you should know (3)

Are you excited that you are going to taking wedding photos on your ideal beach? In my latest two posts, I talked about the advantageof beach wedding and what thecouples should know before taking photos

In today’s post, I want to share more tips for you, which is mainly about sun protections. 

What should the couples pay particular attention for beach wedding photos? Usually the sun on the beach is very hot. What’s more, taking photos commonly chose the sunny day. Therefore, the preparations of sun protection need to be considered.

As to the preparations, drinking enough water, using sunscreen lotion and wearing hats, etc are necessary. Suffering from the heat stroke on your wedding trip is not a joyful memory you want to keep.

Further more, I suggest couples avoid choosing the period of the long-lasting hot weather. You can do a little research on the place you want to go, and find out when the weather and temperature of the beach is moderate for tourism and taking photos.

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