Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The elegance standing posture, the perfect bride A

The bride is the focus of wedding. The gestures and manners of bride cannot be ignore or underestimate. The gorgeous bridal gown plus the elegance gestures will make a perfect and charming bride. If you are a bride-to-be, you may need to pay attention to the way you stand.

Proper posture is the vast important one among other manners. This is because the bride usually needs to keep standing for a long time. When you are welcoming your guests, toasting to them, taking photos, etc, you may need to keep your body straight and heads up higher to look beautiful and joyful.
Photo from www.weddinginspirasi.com
The key point of the proper standing posture is to keep your back straight, look straight ahead, tighten the stomach and threw out chest.

If you like this topic, I will give you further information about how to stand on your big day in the following posts. 
Photo from www.weddinginspirasi.com

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