Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pronovias 2014 Wedding Dresses Collection

Pronovias is a fashion leader in wedding dress area. The Pronovias 2014 Collection of wedding gowns features four collections: Fashion, Glamour, Costura, Dreams.
The 2014 Pronovias wedding dresses have in common is all white, it will appeal to a woman who loves the class and sophistication of wonderful clothes.
The lines are simple and clean but enriched by small details like sequins and transparent in color, bows and lace inserts. The dresses Pronovias are designed to fit any woman and pleasure to the very young but not only.
2014 Pronovias wedding dress

2014 Pronovias wedding dress

2014 Pronovias wedding dress

2014 Pronovias wedding dress
2014 Pronovias wedding dress

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Try And Choose A Red Wedding Dress

Generally, brides would like to choose white wedding dresses. Although white dresses will always be a popular choice, it is no longer the only choice. Would you like to shop a red wedding dress? Red is a nice color and many designers use red into the wedding dress.
red wedding dress
Red is the one color that symbolizes passion and romance, just like red rose. If you like to think outside of the box, you'll discover options you may not have considered for a typical wedding.
red wedding dress
While this is important for any bride, purchasing a specialty wedding dress could cost more money than a traditional white gown. Know ahead of time how much you can afford if you find the dress you simply must have.
red wedding dress
Search online for specialty shops that market red wedding dresses. Numerous wedding apparel shops now carry red dresses and even show pictures of various styles to browse on their websites.
red wedding dress

Friday, August 9, 2013

Wedding In Pink

All of the brides want to have an unforgettable wedding. Pink is a lovely color, and many brides would like to use pink as their wedding color.
pink wedding

Now,I will show your some pink accents in the wedding.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beautiful Cakes in the Wedding

The wedding cake, reportedly first appeared in ancient Rome. Cake came from English. Its meaning is a flat bread. It also means "happiness".
Guests who are invited to the wedding in Europe still have such a habit: put their brought spice bread piled high on the table, let the bride and groom stand at both sides of the "bread mountain", t kiss across the bread hill. At this time of the sugar-loaf mountain also symbolizes happiness.
Owing to the wedding cake is a symbol of the couple's married sweet life , also known as sweet cake, you can choose long stored foodstuff to make. Each layer cake has a different meaning. The bottom is for distant relatives and friends to attend the reception, while the top will be for the couple keeping carefully which used to celebrate the anniversary of the wedding or celebrate the arrival of love crystallization.

And at the wedding, couple often feed each other cake and add a wedding atmosphere at the same time. Also the significance of both life and clothing linked, forever in love.