Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Inspiration for Elegant Wedding Dresses

Every bride wants to be the epitome of elegance on her big day, whether you are about to have formal wedding in cathedral or a causal wedding on the beach. After the century wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, “Elegance”, “pure” and “drop-dead” become the slogans of wedding dresses this year. Following are a few helpful ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Pair these concepts with your unique style and personality for a truly elegant wedding dress.

A classic fairytale ball gown is the picture of elegance for many brides. These romantic dresses are form fitting through the bodice, and then flare out into a full, voluminous skirt at the waist. Cinderella, Snow White and nearly every other princess in the fairytale donned a ball gown. To get into a princess look, you can pair with the right accessories, like a tiara and a long sweeping veil to complete the princess look. 

The elegance constitutes in the details and implementation. One of the most elegant details of wedding gowns is lace. The lace embellished wedding gown of Kate Middleton had made the lace wedding dresses in demand. 

A mermaid wedding dress with its flaring skirt below the knees is the perfect dress for a formal wedding. The special silhouette suits the perfect balanced figure and will maximize your beautiful lines.

The long train will enhance your elegance and bring a noble ambiance.

One-shoulder wedding dress with floral embellishment and petal detailing skirt makes the list of elegant wedding gowns.

The high collar wedding gown is also on the list of elegant wedding dresses. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

What about Marquee Weddings

If you are considering an outdoor wedding celebration or a wedding at home (if your courtyard is bog enough), you most likely will need to hire a marquee. Marquee weddings offer you the freedom and versatility to have exactly what you’d like at your chosen location, without the restrictions that may come with other venues.

The festivities of a cultural event always call for a celebration. Nowadays the list of the necessary items includes a marquee no matter whatever is the event on hand. If one is talking about marriages then definitely it is going to be a socially celebrated event and by all means a marquee wedding will be cost efficient. 

A marquee wedding is quite common and it is the best and the most economical way to celebrate an event in the society. Suppose there are a large number of guests who are going to attend an event then surely an event which is decorated by a marquee is one of the best ways to celebrate.

A marquee is more like a flexible and temporary venue which will move very easily to a new location when required.

The soft furniture is also now a part of the marquee wedding if required by the client. As the cherry on the top, it adds more glamour to the whole set up. The marquee becomes more like an empty paper on which the client can have the designs put up as required.  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Inspiring Winter Wedding Centerpiece

Having a perfect wedding is a dream of most couples. They want to have their wedding day as the most perfect event in their lives. The reason why many people are so engaged into wedding planning is that there are numerous details of the wedding should never be taken for granted. From the invitations down to the reception, every detail must be meticulously considered. Wedding centerpiece is amongst the details.

In most cases, flowers are the best wedding centerpieces. They add color and life in the reception area. Flowers can enliven the spirit of those who are present in the reception. They're traditional, yet offer the opportunity to add a lot of personality to the display.

Elegant candles make good simple wedding centerpieces. Their light will be attractive, yet won't overpower the overall scene or block guests' views of each other.

When a plain candle isn't enough, put it in a unique candle holder to add visual interest.

Pinecones can be used to your winter wedding centerpiece, as it carries the flavor of winter.

Sticks are also a wise choice for your winter wedding centerpiece.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Wedding Dresses for Beach Wedding

Since you have decided on a beach wedding theme with golden sands and waves dancing on the shores, now you need to find out a beach wedding dress that go well with your beach wedding theme. While a wedding on the beach may sound like a unique concept, it has been happening on various beaches of the world. A lot of brides are opting for exotic beach locations for their weddings instead of a traditional church wedding.  In order to pick the right bridal attire for a particular wedding, you will need to consider many different elements.

For such a theme chosen you would require a wedding gown or wedding attire that is more towards casual - something that is not completely formal.

The empire style is indeed one of the most popular beach wedding dress designs. For this dress, the skirt starts flowing from the bosom down, unlike a normal skirt, which the skirt starts flowing from the waist down.

To avoid the sands, the beach wedding dresses are usually in a shorter length. Ankle length wedding dress, knee length wedding dress and short/mini wedding dress are usually chosen for beach wedding.

While choosing beach wedding dresses, always consider the time of the wedding, as temperatures vary with the time throughout the day at the beach. If the wedding is planned to be host during the day, your beach wedding dress should be designed out of lightweight materials and porous fabrics. This will ensure that the bride to stay cool and comfortable, even when the temperature and humidity rises at the beach.

Choose a theme, it can be nautical, flower based hippie theme or a tropical one. Whatever the theme chosen, compliment your wedding dresses and attires according to it.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Stunning Hair Accessories for Brides

Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event which should be arranged thoroughly. From the wedding gown to the wedding garter, there are many things you have to prepare, many details you have to pay attention to. Probably the most essential aspects of the wedding will be the appearance of everyone who definitely are in the big event. To optimize your appearance, you should focus on the details of your outfits.

Hairstyle is regarded as the essential aspect of bridal appearance, while the hair accessories enhance the looks of the bride and of the wedding ceremony. There are versatile hair accessories for the brides. There certainly comes a time when you are not able to decide as to what type of bridal hair accessory you should choose to look perfect on your big day.

Generally speaking, your hair accessories serve as the cheery on the top of your wedding appearance. Choose the perfect hair accessories according to your hairstyle. Also, the hair accessories should coordinate with wedding veil and bridal jewelry.

If you think that a veil would make you look very simple, you can add further bridal hair accessories to the veil like stone-studded tiaras, ornamental combs, bun wraps, jewelry that would entail at the back of your hair style or even garlands. 

A bride should always take a sassy, elegant and somehow unsophisticated look. In another word, a simple while stunning look. So, do not deck up with too many things and avoid looking fussy. Always select a delicate bridal hair accessory that harmonizes well with the elements in your gown, or balances well with the remaining jewelry collection.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Some Wedding Details You May Ignore

Marriage is the most significant and special experience of everyone, it fills us with both enthusiasm and confusion. There are so many items you have to prepare, so many details you have to pay attention to, so many things you have to worry about. Preparing a perfect wedding is really a daunting task, for not only is it time-consuming, but also it is physically arduous. However, even if you take effort to prepare your wedding, there are still many details you must ignore.

Wedding Gloves
Wedding gloves have always been the cherry on top of a wedding outfit. A perfect pair of wedding gloves not only gives you the right amount of charm, grace and elegance but also they make your hands look even more attractive.

Wedding Garters
A garter is generally used to hold up stockings. It's generally seen as a sexual object. In weddings, the bride throws her bouquet and the myth is that whoever catches it will be the next to be married. It's the same with the garter. The groom pulls it off the bride’s leg and throws it to the guys. The guy who catches it will supposedly be the next to wed.

Wedding Cups
Wedding cup is the important tool used in your wedding to witness the most significant. Don’t you want it to be unique? DIY your wedding cup and make it memorable.

Nail Arts
Do not forget the details in your figure. 

Wedding Veil
Gorgeous lace veil will definitely enhance your charm and grace.

Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY Your Unique Wedding Invitations

Wedding day is one of the most significant moments in a woman's life. This is the day when she would finally be facing God with his beloved groom. However, it is also a big trouble for her as there are so many things to prepare for the big day. Among all the details, your wedding invitations serve as a special part. Unlike wedding dress or food, invitation cards may be kept by the guests for a long time. And it leaves the first impression on the guests. So, opting a unique and creative wedding invitation is really important.

However, the modern couple is not so easy to satisfy when it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions, especially the brides who want everything to be perfect. So, they choose to DIY their wedding invitations even it may be time-consuming.

As to the unique wedding invitations, there are many choices available for you. One of the most stylish ideas is to individualize the invitations with personal characteristics to make the invitations more personal-touched. Unique invitations allow you to utilize nicknames in the text to make the invitations more charming.
Also, you can adopt your photos to your wedding invitations. It could be the sweet daily photos of you or be the romantic wedding photos. 

Apart from the wedding invitations that make great use of the photos, we can also take advantage of the color. Wedding invitations are not restricted to the white. You can use other colors like blue, green, purple. You can choose the color according to your wedding theme.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mermaid Wedding Dresses Can Fully Accentuate Your Elegance

Mermaid wedding dresses are more in fashion than ever. As seen on the couture runways or the red carpet, they come in assorted fabrics, colors, and styles. A mermaid wedding dress, a silhouette type, is a slim fit wedding gown that has a dropped waist all the way to the knee. At the knee the dress flares out with volume all the way through to the hem. They are considered glamorous and extremely flattering. More and more brides tend to choose mermaid wedding dresses for their special day.

The elegant dresses can not only show off your beautiful figure, but also wear at either formal or causal weddings. They come in various fabrics and styles. The taffeta strapless sweetheart mermaid wedding dress gathered bodice with lace applique accents and dropped waistline with mermaid draped skirt with chapel train.

The necklines of mermaid wedding dresses differ from each other. This mermaid wedding dress features its high collar neckline with mermaid draped skirt with chapel train.

Coming in assorted designs, the mermaid dresses are not restricted to the only skirt. This mermaid dress features its one-piece dress set, strapless sweetheart neckline beaded appliqued bodice, short ruffled overskirt with mermaid draped skirt with lace applique and chapel train.

Lace has been so popular today. Importing the lace details to your mermaid wedding dress is really a wise decision. This lace straight strapless neckline mermaid dress has the feature of elegant beaded sash with bow back and tiered skirt with chapel train.

This mermaid wedding dress features its sleeveless notched jewel neckline lace bodice with lace appliqued illusion overlay and gathered waistline with beaded detail mermaid draped skirt with chapel train.