Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Time to Have A Vintage Wedding Dress

Every bride wants to have a memorable wedding, and they definitely want everything to be perfect on their special day. So, they tend to be fastidious about every detail about their wedding, from the wedding theme to the crystal secured to their wedding dress. Among all the details, wedding dress is absolutely the most concerned item of the demanding bride. Their dress must be outstanding and outshining, and leaves a long-lasting impression on the guest. Vintage wedding dress is really hot these days, due to the great influence of celebrity wedding dress. You must never forget the gorgeous wedding gown worn by Kate Middleton on the century wedding ceremony.

The phrase "vintage" applies to the entire products that are at least thirty years old. You won’t be limited to an assured decade of mode. If you have a preference to the more graceful and stylish look, you can explore the 1930’s and 1940’s vintage wedding dresses.

You may find that the vintage wedding dress has faded to a beige color. This color will give the people a deep impression of classic, retro, medieval and elegant. Lace is as it were the symbol of vintage wedding dress. And lace, silk, satin and net make the vintage wedding dress widely popular among the bride-to-be. Padded shoulders, embroidered flowers and a long veil with cut work lace are the important components of a vintage wedding dress. 

Paired with a sweetheart necklace, a shining tiara, a lovely earrings and a beaded bracelet which will compliment your outfits, your vintage wedding dress will give you a more glamour look.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

To Prepare A Wedding Jacket for Your Wedding

With the winter season coming, the weather is likely to be cool and cold. However having a winter wedding is really a wonderful thing you can image. There is lots of love about having a winter wedding, for example the romantic atmosphere of the snowy landscape, the relative slow time for vendors and sites and so on. If you still worried about the chilly weather, then wearing a jacket can help keep you warm as well as completing your wedding outfit.  A wedding jacket can also add a little bit of personality and uniqueness to your traditional wedding gown.

Lace is really popular in this season. Whether in short sleeves or long sleeves, the lace wedding jacket can add a little bit of whimsical character to the wedding dress. Obviously, the lace wedding jacket will increase your elegance, grace and charm.

The off shoulder wedding jacket has also been seen on the runways a lot more lately, and designers are creating a style for every personality, making it easier for you to find the perfect bridal jacket.

Fur cape wedding jacket can really keep you warm! The material of fur cape wedding jacket will leave people the impression of smooth and cozy.

There are still some creative wedding jackets. This tulle long coat with elegant lace hem is so gorgeous!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Gorgeous Wedding Gloves

One of the most important accessories in a wedding is a pair of proper wedding gloves. In the ancient time, putting on gloves on an occasion was deemed as a royal code. Wedding gloves have always been the cherry on top of a wedding outfit. A perfect pair of wedding gloves not only gives you the right amount of charm, grace and elegance but also they make your hands look even more attractive. No matter how fabulous, sophisticated the wedding gloves looks, it will be a disaster if it is not well coordinated with your whole outfits. Therefore, your wedding gloves should be given great importance.

Style of gloves should serve as addition to tone of your wedding ensemble. If you wear a classic ball gown, with application of a lace and jewelry of wedding pearls, you may possibly choose the pair of mittens of the lace framed from the same lace as application on your dress.

If you wear strapless gown, choose those opera length wedding gloves. However, remember one thing that the shorter the bride, the shorter the gloves. If you have a petite figure, you can wear gloves which arrive in only under an elbow.

Silk wedding gloves using a very rough material would be the most widespread trend today. The wedding ring looks fairly and enchanting on a satin pair of accessories in your hand.
If you are able to put color combinations together with your white wedding dress, then try some different colors. Black, purple, pink, yellow are all available.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bridal Clutch Bags

There are so many accessories you can select to complement your perfect wedding gown, which is so crucial to complete your own bridal appearance. For almost all the brides, everything has to be perfect for the wedding: their wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, flowers, etc. Among all these things, one thing you may neglect—bridal clutch bags! The history of these small bags date back to the 19th century and they have never really gone out of style. There is no doubt that the bridal clutch bags can increase bride’s personality and elegance. Unlike other wedding accessories, which may be stashed away in the box after wedding and never be used again, the bridal clutch bags can also be used on other occasions.

For formal functions and regular events, you can choose an elegant bridal clutch bag, which is stunning enough for you. White is always optional, for not only is it a symbol of purity and virginity, but also it can match and enhance your wedding gown. It is big enough for your cards, cellphones, lipstick, pressed powder, tissues and so on. Also, it‘s very handy and easy to hold in your hand without any hassle.

If you are not care about the money, you should definitely consider the designer bridal purse. These purses contain more complex and trendy elements. You don’t have to worry about having the same purse with the lady beside you.

If you focus mainly on the convenience, a front flap bridal purse may be a better choice. it is very easy to open whenever you need get something from it. Besides, it has beautiful designs and details. Rhinestones, crystals are often used to decorate it.

Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Your Wedding Dress

There is always a plethora of wedding dresses available in stores or in online boutiques. However, none of these wedding dresses is perfect, for there are more or less some details not you expected. You may like the style of a dress, fabric of another, and 3-dimensional floral details of the third one. Or you may finally search out your dream wedding dress, which is however prohibitively expensive, you only have to give it up. Do not immerse within the worry. In fact, you are able to do a whole lot for your own wedding dress, which not merely save your money, but also make your wedding more memorable and significant.

Almost all the brides have a picture in their mind of the dream wedding dress. These ideas are always inspired from so many places and other ideas, fashion shows, designer news, glamour magazine, vintage images and so on. Get inspired! Nothing will limit your designs.

Chiffon and lace may be the most reasonable fabric for DIY. Ruffles, floating trains, neckline designs, multilayer, bead works, rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, embroidery and so on, there are so many details you can apply in your chiffon wedding dress. Lace fabric wedding dress is usually very sexy, yet elegant.

Tissue paper is often used in between two pieces to be sewn together when stitching the chiffon wedding dress. It can remain intact and stay in place. After sewing, the tissue paper can be carefully ripped out. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bridal Tiara

Bridal tiara is something you may ignore before your wedding. You may spend large amount of time choosing you wedding dress, shoes, accessories, deciding what color of lipstick you will apply, discussing what theme of your wedding, hesitating to make up your mind the wedding venue. However, when all the things are finally decided, take some time to think about more details about your wedding, your look, for example, the bridal tiara. It is absolutely right that there is no need of a tiara though; the bride will look more charming and elegant with a bridal tiara. And as the essential details of your wedding outfits, it will lighten the feature of dignity and noble. There are many types of bridal tiara, choose a perfect one for yourself according to your whole wedding outfit style.

The tiaras have changed over times. From royal coronets and princess crown to the modern tiaras with asymmetrical designs. If you are going for a classic princess tiara look, then you will have pretty huge range of tiaras. You can opt the tiaras with crystal collections, for example Swarovski crystal.

If you prefer the royal coronet style, then your wedding must be relatively formal. This kind of tiara has a greater height in the centre. It may tend to be simple in embellishment, however you can decorate it to your heart’s content to create your own style.

The famous Audrey Hepburn tiara, also called the Vintage Look, is another optional choice for you. You are sure to catch all the eyes with it.

The lovely colorful tiaras with the matching rhinestones, pearls, and crystals are on-trend these days. They are usually asymmetrical.

The current trend of bridal tiara is side tiara. With the side swept style hairstyle of bride, the tiara is usually secured to your side head with silk band.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Trend of Bridal Ring

After exchanging vows, what will the couple do next? Yes, of course they will exchange the wedding rings. For everyone, no matter young or old, man or woman, the ring is so meaningful.  It embodies the continuous flow of love and also it's the symbol of love and faithfulness. As the groom places it on your fingure, he commits his heart and soul to you. As the circle that emblems where there is no beginning and no end, the wedding ring is thought to be endless love. So, choosing a perfect wedding ring is a crucial thing before your wedding.  Every year, the ring designers clued us in to the hottest new wedding ring styles. What's the trend of wedding ring in 2013?

What's old is decidedly new this season. The stunning gorgeous vintage-inspired ring is recognizable for its Old European round center cut. The minimal scroll-like engraving, micro-set diamond, delicate carving work, and filigree, there are so many fascinating details that will persuade you to buy a vintage ring.

Floral-detailed wedding rings are also very hot these days. 3-dimensional flowers and blooms along the band add a romantic touch to this wedding ring. Also, this kind of ring carries the feature of elegant and graceful.

East-west setting wedding rings. It's a great way to add a fashionable touch to a simple ring by surrounding the center stone of your wedding ring with a halo of smaller diamonds.

Colored stones. Blue and pink sapphires, faint yellow diamonds, even the rare light pink diamonds are now often be seen on the fourth fingure. Color can bring the feelings of modern, classic, dignity, even vintage.

Channel rings (simple or double) are also popular today. There is no center diamond but little diamonds banding the ring. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Searching Out Your Prefect Wedding Shoes

Unlike the wedding outfits, the wedding shoes are often hidden in the wedding bridal dress. If you think that you can treat your wedding shoes casually, then you will be totally wrong! Though tend to be thought about lastly, the brides wedding shoes are as essential as the wedding dress in wedding. As every bride wants to adorn herself with the best, bridal shoes make up one of the most significant components when putting together the perfect wedding look. Finding a pair of perfect style, color and design of wedding shoes can be a tough challenge.

The high-heel wedding shoes are well-received by the brides, for it can make you look little longer and shape your figure. This kind of shoes often manufactured with thigh quality crystal or other bling-bling decorations. Obviously, it can add elegance and dignity to your appearance.

A wedding means you will spend more than ten hours on your feet saying your vows, meeting your gust and taking photos. It’s really painstaking. Many brides are likely to choose the sensible wedding flats, which is pain free as they are very soft and comfortable.

Get some creative idea! Why not choose a sport shoes as your wedding shoes? Try to add some lace details, decorate some romantic and meaningful things. It will be the unique shoes in your life.

Be fed up of the white or red shoes, which is the traditional color? Try some other colors! The purple looks very feminine and it may add romance and class to your venue. Green wedding shoes are fast gaining popularity these days. They are known as vegan shoes.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

To Choose Perfect Bride’s Flower

When you are preparing your wedding, you may try to incorporate as much nature affords into your wedding as possible. In another word, you want to take advantage of the entire natural creative to your perfect day, especially when it comes to your wedding décor. Wedding flowers are of great important in your wedding. You may want the flowers to be everywhere, for the bouquets, the church, and flower girl, your parents, your husband-to-be, friends, and for most, yourself. So, when you are planning your wedding, you should take the flowers into consideration. There is some advice for you when deciding on the flowers for your wedding.

First, you should think about what color of your wedding flower will be. It is the general rule that the color of flower should correspond to the color of bridesmaid’s dress. So, inquire about the color of bridesmaid’s dress before choosing the flower and make sure it will be a good match.

Another important issue to take into consideration is what the type of your wedding flower will be. The bride’s flower can be a whimsical bouquet of formal traditional flower, and sometimes mixed with some wild flowers. It all depends on your wedding ceremony. The flowers should coordinate with the theme of your wedding. Lily can be a good choice. It represents elegance, loyalty and dignity. Gardenia is also a wise selection. This white and crème colored flower blooms in the spring, summer and early fall, which makes it perfect for summer wedding. Also, it will create a beautiful poetic themed wedding.

There is another fact that cannot be ignored. You should make sure to consult your wedding ceremony about any allergy issues. You don’t want your wedding to be so memorable, do you?  

Monday, October 8, 2012

Bride Wedding Cake

Wedding ceremony has been the most important and special occasional in your life. All the bride-to-be will spare no effort to make it remarkable and memorable. And since the wedding cake has taken a great important role in the ceremony, having a cake designed according to your design, or the whole wedding style is something really significant. There is a plethora of designs available for bride cakes. And you can spice up your wedding ceremony with these attractive cakes, which has come a long way and now settled down. The bride wedding cakes can be single or multilayer. So, it’s time to decide how to make your wedding cake special.
There is no rude for the cake to be in round shape. You can shape it you like. Square, ellipse, heart-shaped, whatever you like. It’s your wedding, right?

So does the color! White is classic, however, you can also try some other colors. Blue is always considered as the fresh color as it represents the color of our earth, sky, water etc. Also, it implies calmness, coolness. Tiffany’s blue is really hot these days.

White butter and cream is always used to prepare the cake. In that, you can customize a bit by adding your own flavors and designs. If you like flowers or cartoon, the entire design of wedding cake can be done in that theme. You have lots of choices!

Cupcake wedding cake has been popular these days, for it is easy to carry and serve. Besides, there is a lot of choice in terms of flavors.