Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Trend of Bridal Ring

After exchanging vows, what will the couple do next? Yes, of course they will exchange the wedding rings. For everyone, no matter young or old, man or woman, the ring is so meaningful.  It embodies the continuous flow of love and also it's the symbol of love and faithfulness. As the groom places it on your fingure, he commits his heart and soul to you. As the circle that emblems where there is no beginning and no end, the wedding ring is thought to be endless love. So, choosing a perfect wedding ring is a crucial thing before your wedding.  Every year, the ring designers clued us in to the hottest new wedding ring styles. What's the trend of wedding ring in 2013?

What's old is decidedly new this season. The stunning gorgeous vintage-inspired ring is recognizable for its Old European round center cut. The minimal scroll-like engraving, micro-set diamond, delicate carving work, and filigree, there are so many fascinating details that will persuade you to buy a vintage ring.

Floral-detailed wedding rings are also very hot these days. 3-dimensional flowers and blooms along the band add a romantic touch to this wedding ring. Also, this kind of ring carries the feature of elegant and graceful.

East-west setting wedding rings. It's a great way to add a fashionable touch to a simple ring by surrounding the center stone of your wedding ring with a halo of smaller diamonds.

Colored stones. Blue and pink sapphires, faint yellow diamonds, even the rare light pink diamonds are now often be seen on the fourth fingure. Color can bring the feelings of modern, classic, dignity, even vintage.

Channel rings (simple or double) are also popular today. There is no center diamond but little diamonds banding the ring. 

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