Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to Recycle a Flower Girl Dress

Today, we have to save, we have to be practical. As a mom you expect that flower girl invitations will come one by one. And yes, most of these flower girl dresses will be free, and that is one of the great parts. But always let your creative hand take free will. We try to think of ways where in we could save a penny here and a dollar there, so that recycling and reusing old things have become more common place. With a little bit of sewing skills, and a lot of imagination, you can have a brand new dress. Just a few snips and snaps, dresses for girls transform into a completely different outfit. So next time a wedding invitation comes or a party is happening down the street, nod your head and start thinking of all the flower girl dresses you have.

Attend A Special Occasion.
These lovely dresses can be used at future special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. Dresses with removable sashes or flowers can always get a special new look.

Dress-up is Always a Classic.
Never undervalue the magic and importance of pretend play. Imagination grows brain cells! A flower girl dress can easily become a perfect princess gown or historic gown of heroine past. Travel back in time and create accessories to match your newly reformed flower girl dress as a period piece.

How About a Tea Party?
Little girls love tea parties. In fact, the most popular length for flower girl dresses is "tea length". Flower girl dresses can easily adapt into perfect tea party dresses. All that is needed is a fancy hat to match.Children can decorate wide brim straw hats with flowers and ribbons.

Make It Green.
Modern weddings are often eco-friendly weddings. Previously loved dresses are ideal for green weddings. Pass a dress on to a green bridal party.

Play Dress-Up.
When you're a little girl, you don't need a special occasion or even a tea party to have fun. Children are only limited by their imagination and every child loves to play dress-up. Flower girl dresses turn little girls into little princesses. Wearing ballet slippers with a flowing dress transforms a young lady into a beautiful ballerina. Capture these special moments in photos. Dress-up allows children to have fun while expressing their creativity.


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