Sunday, May 27, 2012

Different Bride, Different Flower

Flowers are one of the most initial elements on a wedding day. People use flowers to decorate their wedding to make the wedding and the bride more beautiful. A good bouquet can show the bride’s taste and set off the bride’s inner beauty. But do you know the different languages o different flowers? Today I want to share the knowledge of five flower languages. Rose, lily, forget-me-not, violet and centaury are five commonly used flowers for wedding bouquets.
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The presenter of love undoubtedly is roses. Red roses mean strong and deep love with passion. White roses’ meaning is pour love. In the ancient Greece myth fable, the beauty of rose is far more incredible than the beauty of Venus. Bride who chooses roses as her bouquet can well express her deep love to the groom.
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Lily is a kind of flower with lightly magical scent and white flower. The language of lily is purity and virtue. So many brides are willing to make lily as their bouquets.

The name of forget-me-not can remind people the touching story behind this little flower. Therefore, the language of forget-me-not is the symbol of forever love.

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Violet is also very popular on wedding day. Purple of violet is the symbol of elegant and leisure. Shakespeare loved the violet so much that he frequently mentioned it in his sonnets. In fact the language of violets is modesty and sincerity.
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Centaury is a kind of small and blue flower. Loyalty is the language of centaury. You can make your bouquet becomes more beautiful if you add several blue centauries.

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