Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is He Your Mr. Right? (3)

The highest state of love is reached once you get through those insipid days. Don't love the one who is beautiful, but love the one who can make your life beautiful. 

In my last post, I talked about two signs that you have met the right person. Today I want to another important sign.

Sign4. You couple never forget special days

Romance is very important to girls. If your boyfriend is a romantic man, I believe you must very enjoy the love he gives you. Special days or occasions only belong to you couples are very precious and important. They are memories which you two experienced together. For instance, the day you two first meet or be together, the place you first kissed and so on. If your boyfriend remembers these little things between you and him, he really cares about you.

In the end, I want to share all girls my favorite quote: “When a guy can accept your flaws, love you on your moody days & kiss you when you don't look great, he's worth loving.”

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