Sunday, March 11, 2012

Travelling with Your Wedding Dress

Bid farewell to lazy winter, spring is approaching lightly, Red flowers, green tree, festooned with a gorgeous spring. The beautiful scenery of spring is luring people to embrace the nature. 

Brides of March will want what kind of wedding? Do you remember the love story of prince and princess? Have you ever dreamt about a unique wedding ceremony? Spring is the perfect time for marriage trip. 


If you are a big fan of touring, what do you wait for? Packing your suitcase and travelling with your lover and your wedding dress. It will be unforgettable that you can hold each wedding ceremony in every destination. Let the white wedding dress be your wings, flying to your intended destination. At that time, you are just like the princess in fairy tales.


  1. can you please tell me where you got the picture of wedding at top... the halterneck, i love love love this dress... but cant find the designer???? please help!!!!!!

  2. Can you please tell me the designer of the first dress? Please respond!!!