Monday, March 12, 2012


Sunshine, sea and beach….. It is so romantic to have sea-island wedding that the white clouds seem melting with the blue sea. What a beautiful scene it is!

In the last two years, island wedding becomes popular among young couples who are big fan of art and romance. So many people prefer to spend their big day on a beautiful island. Phuket Island and Bali Island are two famous places for wedding vocation.

Today I want to share some tips of island wedding with my friends. First, let’s talk about the advantages of having an island wedding. Of course, the biggest advantage of island wedding is that it combined shooting, wedding and vacation into one trip. Before the wedding, new couples can arrange their wedding photos. After the wedding ceremony, they can start their honeymoon right away. What’s more, no matter how leisure a hotel is, it can not compare with a sea island. 
As an old saying goes: no garden has no seeds. There are also some disadvantages of island wedding. First of all, the uncontrollable factors of a wedding increase because of the weather and season. Let’s take Bali Island as an example. If you want to have a wedding at that place, it is not wise to choose any day from November to March. Because your wedding will be badly influenced by the rainy season of Bali. Another disadvantage is that having an island wedding is expensive. The expenses include transportation, hotel, and diets, etc. If your financial capability is limited, I may suggest just you and your love come to the island. You can celebrate you wedding with your families and friends after you come back.

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