Friday, March 23, 2012

Perfect Wedding, Perfect Shoes

To a bride who wants a perfect wedding, a pair of uncomfortable wedding shoes is completely unacceptable. No matter how fabulous the shoes are, you must put the comfortable fact on the first place.

To make sure you are comfortable with your shoes, you will need to break them in. As soon as you have decided on what dress you are going to wear, start shopping for the right shoes. Start breaking in your wedding shoes a few weeks before your big day. Try walking in them around the house or even outside for a small amount of time. Try to increase the amount of time walking in them every time you wear them. Remember to walk and stand a lot in them. You might even want to put them on for about 4 or 5 hours just to test if you can really stand them.
If you are not used to wearing high heels, then do not jump straight into a pair of 6-inch stilettos. You will only end up limping as you walk down the aisle. This is not something you want your guests to see. Try to be realistic about your choice of shoes. If you are not a fan of high heels, choose kitten heels. If you have never worn heels before, be more opening minded and try on a pair of shoe with heels and learn to practice wearing them.

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