Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fascinating Bridal Floral Crown

Your elaborately crafted vintage, bohemian, or rustic wedding theme deserves a whimsical bridal hairstyle to match. Rather than going with the traditional bridal veil, headband, or fascinator, search for these romantic and impressive bridal flower crowns! This old Hollywood-inspired look is perfect for your creative wedding. The bridal floral crown has seen a real revival in the past year. They are very romantic, every girl in such a crown looks like an elf, that’s why they are getting more and more popular. Especially the vintage, whimsical or bohemia-inspired brides, they seem are all tuning to flower crown as a pretty, rustic, and in some instances DIY alternative. 

There is a wide array of ways to wear bridal floral crowns – with one type of flower or many, with leaves or without, as a wreath or a headband. This delicate and romantic version with one main flower and different sizes and colors of various flowers creates a texture-filled palette of pastels.

The floral crowns are suitable not only for the bride but also for the bridesmaids and flower girls as well. They can be of different colors and flowers, can tie in with your wedding bouquet, or table decorations, or whatever you like. Remember to choose a simpler version which could be a headband instead of a crown or use fewer flowers or types of flowers.

Channel your inner wood nymph with these woodsy floral crowns that are the perfect accessory for a forest wedding. The combination of flowers, vines and leaves is ethereal and gorgeous.

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