Thursday, December 13, 2012

Brides Do's And Don'ts

Wedding is undoubtedly the most significant day in everyone’s life. Everyone has more or less dreamed about their perfect wedding, especially the women, who have a lot of things to make decision, like their wedding gowns, shoes, accessories, bouquets, etc. Many brides may wonder how to behave on her big day to make that day memorable. There are a million and one wonderfully happy things happening on a wedding... especially for the bride!  As the bride you have to balance speaking with all your guests, busting a few dance moves, saying "I do," all while trying to savor every moment of the day. Following I would make a list of do’s and don’ts to help you throughout your big day!

Pack your bag for your special day the night before wedding. Remember to take some paper clips and double-sided foam tape to handle the unexpected things during your wedding.
Make a list of your family and friends who you want to take photos with so that to save time and avoid any unnecessary troubles.
Create a Ipod or Itouch playlist for the morning of your big day so you can jam while getting dolled up.
Allow extra time for appointments.  Hair and makeup always takes a little longer than you think. You may always find lack of time when the important moment is approaching.
Take the time to dance your face off with your best girlfriends.
Wear something comfortable on the morning of the wedding that will look fab in photos. A monogrammed button down is always a favorite!
Drink red wine. It's not worth the risk of someone bumping into you and spilling on your white gown.
Forget to have your breakfast or lunch. No one likes a unconscious, dehydrated bride.
Choose the sky high heel shoes. You have to stand all day long, it may cause you exhausted.
Try to do everything yourself.  Ask for help and delegate, delegate, delegate!
Forget to take it all in. Stop throughout the day, take a breath, and look around.  It's going to go by so fast.

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