Sunday, April 7, 2013

Top Flowers to Use In A Bridal Bouquet Ⅰ

Bridal bouquets are indispensable part of your wedding. Choosing a proper while attracting bouquet can enhance your charm effortlessly. There are many kinds of bouquets you can choose from in according to their flowers. Here I want to give a brief introduce to you.
Roses are one of the most popular flowers to use in wedding bouquets and why not? They are romantic, classic, beautiful and come in a lot of different colors. Red, pink, white, purple, orange, yellow… the opportunities are endless. Most of the colors are in season all year long and in comparison to other popular wedding flowers, they really aren’t that expensive.

When I think tulips, I think spring time. Color options include white, ivory, blush, pink, yellow, peach, red and purple. They look great in mixed color bouquets.

Calla Lilies
Calla Lilies come in two options long stemmed, which are great for arrangements or miniature calla lilies, which are perfect for bridesmaid bouquets and boutonnieres. They come in yellow, orange, mauve, dark purple, pinks etc. so just add some ribbon, maybe some greenery and you have an inexpensive, unique, beautiful bouquet.

Also known as those pom pom looking flowers, are so pretty and require very little to make the bouquets beautiful! Hydrangeas come in blues, purples, pinks and greens, they are moderately priced and a great choice for your wedding bouquets!

Peonies are bushy, colorful flowers available in red, blush, pink, yellow, coral, peach, lavender and white. Peonies are a seasonal flower, and are best used in late spring to early summer and are typically one of your more pricey wedding flowers.

Ranunculus are beautiful flowers, they are a cost-effective alternatives to roses or peonies. They come in white, yellow, orange, pink and purple and are perfect for natural bridal bouquets, bridesmaid nosegays, and boutonnieres.

Stephanotis aka Wedding Flowers are star-shaped, dainty white flowers and are so beautiful! They are moderately priced and available year-round.

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