Thursday, January 3, 2013

Great Ways to Use Ribbon as Decor

Attention brides! Ribbons are currently enjoying a heyday in the wedding spotlight. Ribbon has always been a big (more like a huge) part of weddings. But I start thinking that nowadays ribbon is more popular than ever. With so many traditional forms and the up-coming chic new ways to incorporate ribbon into ceremonies and receptions, I’m totally head over heels smitten with this trend.

You may associate ribbons with big bouncy bows pinned into little girls’ hair, but when done right, ribbons can add a bit of whimsy and softness to your ceremony or reception. Not sure how to incorporate the trend into your wedding? Check out some of my favorite ideas below:

Chair Decoration
Are your chair rentals not quite what you want them to be? Try adding ribbons to your ceremony or reception chairs! Even if you’ve gone with the always elegant chairs, ribbons can add that perfect touch of interest you’re looking for. I love this new trend. It can give a whimsical feeling to any reception.

Wedding Cake
Ribbon is the classiest detail on wedding cakes.

Bouquet Tide Up

Ceremony Backdrops
Having a rustic wedding or looking for ways to soften the look of your ceremony? A ribbon backdrop or curtain will relax any space. You can even use ribbons in the doorway at your reception to add a fun (and affordable!) touch.

Celling D├ęcor
Decor your reception tent or build a canopy, but invite ribbons to your reception.

Ribbon Wands
These fun pieces for your grand exit are so cute! They are easy to make, affordable, and don’t leave a big mess for someone to clean up.

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