Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Father And Bride

Remember the classic movie “Father of the Bride”? When George knew that his daughter Annie was engaged, his frustrated expression and later a series of actions left us deep impression. The affection between father and daughter is deep and penetrating. The wedding, in some respect, means farewell to your parents and start a new life with your soul mate.  Coming to the final realization that the daughter will be part of a new life and a new family can be very tough. The moment father puts bride’s hand into groom’s hand is sacred, exciting and moving. Both the bride and father get mixed feelings at that time. Father may feel traumatic and depressed; however, it’s an important rite of passenger for them after all.
The short road seems to be a long distance. Who will company you with the long road? The answer is absolutely your father. What will you say during this short but permanent period? May be keep silent, listen to your father or just talk like usual.

The moment can be very athrill and moving. For the father, it signifies him letting go of his little girl and trusting her husband to provide and care for her and for her rest of life. For you, it’s a new chapter of your life. So, don’t restrain your feelings.

Have a dance with your father, the man who taught you about love, the man who has always count you as the apple of his eye.

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